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Proof…. 62.5!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

This video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it!

How lucky am I to have on video one of the most amazing experiences of my life?

Watching, I relive every movement, every emotion….

Every breath…

I will forever be able to hear my friends and family cheering me on during one of the most memorable moments of my life!

The night before I was twitching in my sleep…. Dean woke me up and asked “What are you doing?” I said “Riding Reiny!”

My pattern started with 3 sliding stops! I held my breath the whole time…. After backing up to center… I heard Brian’s voice…. “Breathe…. Just breathe”….

Reiny could feel my nerves…. We got through the spins, circles, and to my surprise even the lead changes!

I again heard Brian’s voice…. “Outside leg…. Outside leg…. Inside NOW…”!

OMG! Did that just happen? He changed leads! Okay okay stay calm…. Stay calm…. Here we go one more stop….

I heard Alex, “straight, keep him straight”, and Brian “Build… Build…”….

I lined up, sat back, and gave Reiny the reins and said “Ok Reiny let’s go for a ride!”

He ran, I let him! And we stopped!

I have so many people to thank….

My husband for joining me in my passion…

Brian Welman Training Center! Brian and Kim Welman…. No need to elaborate…

Ava, thank you for sharing and loving Reiny with me!

Janie Huot thank you for having the patience to tell me the same thing 100 times! And for understanding that my brain turns to mush when I enter the barn - because I’m so excited just to be there….

Addison…. For all your support and friendship!

Alex Gryskiewicz’s For teaching me how to connect with Reiny… Beyond riding…

And to all my barn friends… Thank you for your support and friendship…. And for cheering me on…. Way beyond my expectations!

And Reiny! Thank you for your patience…. I’m looking forward to growing old together!

All my love….

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