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Could this be magic?

Let's go for a ride!

Sit up straight - Shoulder, Hip, Heal in alignment.

Heals down...


Hold the reins even and loose in one hand with 1 finger between them. Shake out your wrist, and fingers. Pull up on the reins slightly by breaking your wrist, until you have contact with the bit. Adjust the length of your reins so that your hand is just above the horn. You should still have contact with the bit.

Here we go....

Slightly lift the reins, and "cluck, cluck".... Relax your hand. Wrist flat, knuckles down.

Your eyes will tell your horse where you want to go. Look left and you will go left. Your hand will naturally follow. Keep your wrist flat and move only enough to lay the rein onto the horses neck. Always return to center after the move.

Do the opposite to go right!

Enjoy the ride!

Shift your feed forward, and say "Whoa" to stop!



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